10th, 12th Re-exam 2019-2020

10th, 12th Re-Exam 2019-2020

फेरपरीक्षाथ्रींनाही सुधारित मूल्यमापनाचा लाभ 

Mumbai: Internal assessment will be implemented for Class X and XII students from the current academic year. Accordingly, the re-examination students will also have to take the written examination in accordance with the revised evaluation plan as regular student. A circular in this regard has been issued by the State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Teachers.

10th, 12th Exam 2019 Time Schedule

10th, 12th Evaluation Exam 2019

The internal marks for 10th class due to close this year so the number of failed student is increased, While the marks of the quality students fell down. So, Recommendation is passed for internal marks for 09th class and 10th class again this year. This discount is also applicable for student who give this re-exam this year. The internal 20 marks is applicable for Language and Social Sciences subjects and 80 marks for written exam. This Instructions to Divisional Boards is given to all Teachers, Parents and students to take a note of this evaluation of marks.


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