Govt Mega Bharti 2020 Mega Bharti will be owned by five companies

23 March 2020 Megabharti 2020 Update

In order to include the unemployed in government service in the state, the government has planned a 1 lakh one thousand posts. Accordingly, the process of requesting tenders from the interested companies started till 30 March. The meeting was held on March 20, with officials of the companies willing. However, due to the corona, the meeting will now be held on March 26, so planning for the Mahabharata will go-ahead for a month, senior officials of Mahait said.

गुड न्यूज! आता होणार 4.75 लाख सरकारी नोकर भरती

There will be five companies for the Government of Maharashtra

Mahesh Asolkar, Project Officer, Mahait, Mumbai Said that Five companies will be selected for the governing body of the state and the deadline for applying for the tender by March 30 is till March 30. However, due to Corona, he will now be given a seven-day extension. The authority of which companies to fill vacant posts shall reside with the concerned Government Department.

महत्वाचे प्रश्नसंच सोडवण्यासाठी येथे क्लिक करा 

Mega recruitment is one month long: Appointment of five companies after expiration

साडेसहा हजार अंगणवाडी सेविकांची रिक्त पदे भरणार

Companies that have recruited one lakh candidates during one recruitment and those who have registered and recruited at least 10 million students in the last three years will be selected for the appointment of the Government of Maharashtra. At least five companies (agencies) will be selected for Mahabharata. Thereafter, each of the departments of the Government should ensure that at least two companies are recruited for their vacant posts. The respective departments will have the right to choose the companies appointed by Maha IT for the recruitment of vacant posts. The tenure of the companies appointed will be five years.

५ एप्रिलची MPSC राज्यसेवा पूर्व परीक्षा पोस्टपोन, नव्या…

During the tenure of the government of Fadnavis, mega recruitment of 72 thousand vacant posts was announced. However, as he did not get the tangible form, some 34 lakh 83 thousand students from the state had to apply and wait for the exam. Now, the Alliance for Development is planning to start the Mega Bharti is of Government vacancies from April. However, due to the dissolution of Corona in the state, the process will start from May. Earlier, MahaIT had said that five companies would be decided through Maha IT and six companies from Pune, Nashik, Mumbai, and Delhi would be interested. Their meeting has been postponed due to the ban of the mob and the railway, air traffic. Proposals will be sought from interested companies following the meeting on March 26, and the deadline is now extended to 7th April 2020.


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