MPSC Assistant Commissioner Recruitment Mess

MPSC Assistant Commissioner Recruitment Mess

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) was furious over the controversy arising out of a post in the election process to fill the post of Assistant Commissioner in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, and the court’s dispute increased the order.

This was the unfortunate case for Mridula Ande and Makarand Dagkhair. MPSC had advertised in 2016 to fill the posts of seven Assistant Commissioners of the Corporation. One of these seven positions was reserved for the open (female) group. The MPSC called 25 candidates for interview during the written examination and then made a quality list. Makrand finished at first with 176 points on the list. However, the MPSC and some women candidates challenged the order after a plea bargain that brought the MPSC’s outrage. Last year, Mridula Ande and two other women filed a petition saying ‘we should not be called to interview’. On this the bench, headed by Shantanu Kemkar was ordered call the interviewer and declare the result so that they can declare their final appointment.

Therefore, the justice of the Bombay High Court Ranjit More and Justice Bharati Dangare’s bench expressed its displeasure over the MPSC. At the same time, the MPSC and the municipality have been ordered to appoint both the candidates so that the respective candidates will not be wronged.

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