MPSC Financial Accounts Exam Result Mess

MPSC Financial Accounts Exam Result Mess

गेल्या वर्षी 24 ते 27 एप्रिल दरम्यान वित्त व लेखा वर्ग -1 ची परीक्षा घेण्यात आली

Recently, question marks have also been raised on the functioning of the Public Service Commission, which is taking examinations for recruitment to various government departments in the state. The paper examinations for Finance and Accounting Services Class-II examination conducted for employees are suspected of being a big deal and only nine (0.73 per cent) candidates are said to have passed.

Last year, the Finance and Accounting Class-2 exam was conducted between April 24th and 27th April. The exam was to be held on 1st April. There were 1231 employees of this account sitting on the exam. The result of this exam was announced a few days ago. Only nine of these students actually passed. The other three employees were passed with grace. These employees failed Paper 2 of Part 1 examination. The marks found in this paper are very low. They have been subject to the same issues they deal with daily. In this case, allegations of deliberately failing to do so have been filed and employees have demanded the Maharashtra Public Service Commission and the Director of Accounts and Treasury Memon, to inquire into the scrutiny of the answer sheets.

The examination of the Central Public Service Commission and the Chartered Account, which is referred to as the most difficult examination in India, also takes about 5 percent to 5 percent. However, the result of this test has been reduced to less than 5.5 percent. Subhash Pathe, a parent of one of the candidates, said that the examining staff should be re-audited to maintain their trust in the Public Service Commission.

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