Pavitra Portal Login

Pavitra Portal Login

Pavitra Portal Login: The task of checking for Pavitra Portal of priority register of schools on Pune’s teacher recruitment portal has not yet been completed by NIC.

Therefor the facility to register the vacancies has been read out in two more days. The government has a reason to take bharti for a Teachers. In first stage on Pavitra Portal Login there are 12 thousand recruitment for teachers, for that 1 lack 23 thousand candidates register there name on Pavitra Portal. The Government and Private Educational institution mention there vacancy advertisement on portal.  Now the candidate has waited to register the preference of schools.

निवड यादी 5 ऑगस्टपर्यंत जाहीर करा; उमेदवारांचा शासनाला “अल्टिमेटम”

राज्यातील 12 हजार शिक्षकांच्या रिक्त जागांसाठी पोर्टलद्वारे भरती प्रक्रिया वर्षभरापासून सुरू करण्यात आली आहे. 1 लाख 24 हजार उमेदवारांनी भरतीसाठी पोर्टलवर नोंदणी केली. मात्र, यातील 83 हजार 700 उमेदवारांनी शाळांचे प्राधान्यक्रम डाऊनलोड करुन त्यांची नोंदणी पोर्टलवर केली आहे. दरम्यान, एसईबीसीसाठी 16 ऐवजी 13 टक्के आरक्षण नव्याने जाहीर झाले आहे. यामुळे भरती प्रक्रिया लांबण्याची शक्‍यता निर्माण झाल्याचा धोका उमेदवारांच्या लक्षात आला आहे.
Pavitra Portal 2019 Details

Pavitra Portal 2019 Latest Details

दि.२९/०६/२०१९ रोजी सकाळी ११.०० पर्यंत ८५००० पेक्षा अधिक उमेदवारांनी with /Without Interview Sansthas preference Generate Download केले आहेत, त्यातील ५९४४६ पेक्षा जास्त विदयार्थ्यांनी preference यशस्वीरीत्या Lock केले आहेत. इतर उमेदवारांनी दि.३०/०६/२०१९ पुर्वी preference Lock करावेत . या उमेदवारांना कुठलीही मुदतवाढ देण्यात येणार नाही याची नोंद घ्यावी. 

अर्ज कसा दाखल कराल आणि लॉक बद्दल माहिती देणारा व्हिडीओ

PavitraPortal 2019 Details

How to Apply Pavirta Portalt 2019

Pavitra Portal Registration Details

Login Portal Link

Pavitra Portal Login

For register on Pavitra Portal Login to give the preferences of school there is new computer system is launched. It will be facilitated to register all the student priorities at the same time. Once the system has started, its inspection work has not started again so it take long period to work well. On 13th May 2019 it is scheduled that preference login get started but there are some issue while launching a portal this information is given by educational department.

This service is not get started up till now so from candidates Discontent has started and this to be resolved quickly. When inspection is completed of a system the information is given to everyone through uploading guidance video which is uploaded on a Pavitra Portal  only. After that candidates can upload there preference. Before stating the Registration of school preference candidates get notification through SMS on there mobile. After that candidates can login on a portal website.


  • Nandanwar santosh lachiram

    I am unable to log in in pavitra an.applicant . I went to ZP office . They said they are email help center.

  • Avinash Suryakant Jagtap

    I am avinash Suryakant Jagtap I am also unable to login for filling the preferences. What can we do when only 5 days left finally. In this process we felt lot of stress and untill now found nothing.

  • Narsude sarika

    I am trying to log in on pavitra portal, for selection of preferences but it show failled or buffering. So help us about it.

  • Amol Ashok Gadge

    I am unable to log in in pavitra an.applicant .I went to ZP office . They said they are email help center.So if any one knows about helpline no,please suggest.

  • Prafulla sonawane

    Mazha shikshak bharti pavitra portal var form log in hot nahi.tasech mazyakade drawft copy asun ti self certified zaleli nahi.mi shala reference nondavu shakat nahi. tari pls. help me & reply

  • Santosh Lachiram Annamwar

    I am unable to log in in pavitra an.applicant .I went to ZP office . They said they are email help center.So if any one knows about helpline no,please suggest.

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