10th Exam 2019-2020 Details

Tenth grade papers will change from now on……

Belgaon : The Education Department has decided to make a change in the form of 10th Annual Examination Paper after ten years. Regarding this changes all schools get notified. A new form of emphasis has been given to the understanding of students. Question papers have been prepared in such a way that students will be useful in further education.

0th Exam 2019-2020 Details

शिक्षण खात्याचा निर्णय ; आकलनशक्ती वर भर ; भविष्यातील शिक्षणाचाही विचार

10th Exam 2019-2020 Details – On Tuesday by Education department in academic 2019-2020 what kind of changes are to taken are discussed an Ordinance has even been done. In new set of question paper more concentrate on Cognitive question. The number of questions based on prose and other reading with the post will be higher.

Question Pattern as follow –

  • One Sentences Answers……08
  • One mark question……08
  • Two mark question……..08
  • Three mark question………09
  • Four mark question……..04
  • Five mark question…….01



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