AHD Recruitment Process Pending

Pashusanvardhan Exam Postponed

The Animal Husbandry Department released a notification that Exam has canceled out which is held on 10th December 2019, due to administrative reasons. The candidates who apply for this post get inform through there mail or SMS to there registered mobile number. Candidates take note of this notification.


Kindly visit the official website www.mahapariksha.gov.in for this exam details. If there is any query please contact their helpdesk number given in the image.

AHD Recruitment Process Pending

For 729 Vacancies ,even after two months no exams – Annoyed by the candidates

Pune: The Animal Husbandry Department has not yet announced any recruitment test, giving reasons of Flood situation come across India. After, two months the cancellation of the exam, no suggestions have been made to the candidates the confusion is increased between candidates. From Mahapariksha a new recruitment has been starts but for Animal Husbandry Recruitment the decisions is not taken yet, an angry tone is erupting between applicants.

Pashusavardhan Vibhag Bharti is Hold On

In the Animal Husbandry Department, the recruitment process of 729 vacant posts of Group A and D has been halted. In the month of August, all the examinations between 10 and 29 August were canceled due to floods caused by heavy rains in other parts of the state including Kolhapur. The inspector general gave three timely instructions to postpone the Animal Husbandry Examination. The exam was canceled in phases. Meanwhile, the Inspector General said that the examination will be notified soon, following the reason for the conduct of the assembly elections in September.

Meanwhile, there is a question mark on the functioning of the portal as there is now a delay in scheduling the exam despite allotment of hall ticket candidates. This has created a great deal of confusion among the candidates.

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MPSC Time Table 2020

MPSC Time Table 2020

MPSC परीक्षा वेळापत्रक 2020

Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) released various examinations schedule for 2020 years. These include engineering service joint pre-examination with state service examination, agricultural service examination with secondary service joint pre-examination. According Commission the pre-exam is from 05th Aug.and Main exam from 8, 9 or 10 August 2020. Civil Judge Junior Level, Judicial Magistrate First Class – Advertisement will be held on January 1st, March-1st and June 14th. The Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector Pre-Examination will be held in 15th March and the main exam will be held on 12th July.

MPSC Time Table 2020

MPSC 2020 Time Table

  • राज्य सेवा परीक्षा : डिसेंबरमध्ये जाहिरात, दि.5 एप्रिल रोजी
  • पूर्व परीक्षा, दि. 8, 9, 10 ऑगस्ट रोजी मुख्य परीक्षा.
  • दिवाणी न्यायाधीश कनिष्ठ स्तर, न्यायदंडाधिकारी प्रथम वर्ग- जानेवारीत जाहिरात, दि.1 मार्च-पूर्व, तर दि.14 जून रोजी
  • मुख्य परीक्षा
  • सहायक मोटार वाहन निरीक्षक – पूर्व परीक्षा 15 मार्च मध्ये होणार असून मुख्य परीक्षा 12 जुलै रोजी घेण्यात येणार आहे.
  • महाराष्ट्र दुय्यम सेवा संयुक्त पूर्व परीक्षा- फेब्रुवारीत जाहिरात, दि.3 मे रोजी परीक्षा
  • महाराष्ट्र वन सेवा- मार्चमध्ये जाहिरात, 10 मे रोजी पूर्व,तर 11 ऑक्‍टोबर रोजी मुख्य परीक्षा
  • अभियांत्रिकी सेवा – संयुक्त पूर्व परीक्षेसाठी मार्चमध्ये जाहिरात, दि.17 मे रोजी ही परीक्षा होईल.
  • गट क सेवा – संयुक्त पूर्व परीक्षेसाठी एप्रिलमध्ये जाहिरात,दि.17 मे रोजी परीक्षा.
  • महाराष्ट्र कृषि सेवा – मेमध्ये जाहिरात- दि.5 जुलै रोजी पूर्व,दि.1 नोव्हेंबर रोजी मुख्य परीक्षा.
  • सहायक कक्ष अधिकारी मर्यादित विभागीय – सप्टेंबरमध्ये जाहिरात, दि.28 नोव्हेंबर रोजी मुख्य परीक्षा.
  • लिपीक-टंकलेखक गट-क सेवा मुख्य परीक्षा – दि.6 डिसेंबर.
  • दुय्यम निरीक्षक मुख्य परीक्षा- दि.13 डिसेंबर
  • कर सहायक मुख्य परीक्षा – दि. 20 डिसेंबर.

ITI Apprentice Rojgar Melava 2019

ITI Apprentice Rojgar Melava 2019

अपरेंटिस रोजगार मेळावा 2019

Mumbai: There will be recruitment rallies in eight places to select the learned candidates from Government Industrial Training Institutes in the state. At Kolhapur, Sagali, Solapur, Krad, Aundh Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad and Satara from 2 to 10 December. From industrial training institutes through the Office of Business Education and Training who is passed or pursuing there, education should take apart in this recruitment drive. The scheme provides one-year training to the uneducated, technical skills candidates.

Time Table for ITI Recruitment Drive 2019

  • Kolhapur– on 02/12/2019
  • Sagali– on 03/12/2019
  • Solapur– on 04/12/2019
  • Krad– on 05/12/2019
  • Aundh Pune- on 06/12/2019
  • Pimpri-Chinchwad– on 17/12/2019
  • Pune– on 09/12/2019
  • Satara– 10/12/2019

Schedule of TET Exam Announced

Schedule of TET Exam Announced

टीईटीच्या परीक्षेचे वेळापत्रक जाहीर

Time Table of TET Exam 2020: A timetable of Teacher Eligibility Examination conducted by Maharashtra State Teachers Council has been made available on the website. The Teacher Eligibility Test will be held on January 19. Applications can be submitted by November 28 for the TET exam. The full schedule of the exam has been announced on TET’s website. Maharashtra State Examination Council has fixed the rules for this exam. The candidates for the higher primary teachers are now obliged to take the degree subject for the teacher qualification exam. It has been mandatory to pass the TET exam since 2013 to hire teachers in schools. A proposal was sent from the Examination Council to the Government’s School Education Department to obtain permission for the examination. The proposal was approved in October.

TET Exam Announced

The government had started implementing the teacher recruitment process through the Holy Portal. In order to teach the classes from 1st to 8th, it is necessary to pass both the first and second papers. Appointment of Higher Elementary Teachers from Class VI to VIII is required to pass the second paper in the exam. The TET exam is of 150 marks, and it will ask 150 objective questions. Each question will be given a score.

The TET exam will include questions on topics like child psychology and pedagogy, Marathi, English grammar, mathematics campus studies and so on. The details of this exam are given on the Council’s website. Students will have to apply online. Examination Schedule As per the Online Application and Fee Period 8 to 28 November, Admit Card will be printed online 4 to 19 January, TET Exam Paper 1 will be 10:30 am CET paper 2 pm to 2 pm. Any changes should be made to the Education Council website.

महाराष्ट्र शिक्षक पात्रता परिक्षा २०१९ चे वेळापत्रक

  • Starting Date: 8th November 2019
  • Closing Date for Online Application: 28th November 2019
  • Paper I & Paper II Exam: 19th January 2020
  • Admit Available From 1st to 19th January 2020

UPSC Exam 2020 Time Table

UPSC Exam 2020 Time Table

UPSC Exam Time Table: Starting the first week of the new year, the Central Public Service Commission has started examinations. According to the schedule announced by the UPSC, the examinations will be conducted twice for April and November for the National Security Administration (NDE). The Civil Service (Pre) exam will be held in May 2020. The engineering service pre-test will be held on 5 January 2020.

Date Of Exam For UPSC

Exam Date
Engineering Services (Pre) Exam 5 January
Combined Geo-Scientist (Preliminary) Examination 19 January
CDS Exam 01 2 February
CISF S 01 March
NDA and N.A 01 19 April
The Civil Service (Pre) Exam 31 May
IAS, ISS 26 June
Combined Geo-Scientist (Main) Examination 27 June
Engineering Services (Main) Exam 28 June
Combined Medical Services 19 July
Central Amred Police Forces 9 August
NDA and N.A 2 06 September
The Civil Service (Main) Exam 18 September
CDS Exam 2 08 November
Indian Forest Service (Main) Examination, 22 November

Notification For UPSC Exam 2020

The recruitment process is divided into three phases in the form of pre-examination, main examination, and interview. The next 2020 is going to be a busy year for uncertain outcome who is facing various post-exams. The exams are being started from the first week of the new year, and exams will be conducted in various stages until December 2020. The Civil Services (Pre) exam will be held in May and the Civil Services (Main) exam will be held on 7 September 2020.

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