Talathi Exam Mess

Talathi Exam Mess

तलाठी पदाच्या परीक्षेतील घोळाचा लाखो उमेदवारांना फटका

By laughing in the name of conducting the computer test, the e-mahapriksha passed the wrong questions in the Talathi post examination form 24 days which is held in two session. For those missed questions it has been decided to award two points each for candidates. The decision has led to the fate of more than five lakh candidate candidates.

For this post almost 48 questions paper are printed. One question paper consisted of two questions and two marks for each question. Candidates are obliged at the hard times as new question papers are being drawn for each session. The candidates will be put back in the selection list due to their decision to score the questions. Dinesh Patil, project director of e-audit department, admits that such injustice can be done to some of the candidates.

Computerized Examination was conducted in two sessions in the state for 1800 vacant posts in the state. Due to the lack of sufficient number of computers, new question papers were used in each session. A question paper consisted of 100 questions. That is, the number of questions asked in 24 days in the Talathi exam increased to 4800 questions. Some of these questions were missed by the e-mahapriksha department. That is, the final score of each candidate’s test varied. Since the marks of the wrong question will be awarded, the candidates whose question papers were completely correct are automatically being wronged.

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